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The Motor City, Detroit, MI. The last word in American Industry and innovation, and yet it is  fast disappearing from underneath our lead feet. Too consumed by daily ritual, we pass along vacated quarters only to see the horizon  in front of us. Bread lines, riots and civil unrest are not far away as we descend further into the recession. Detroit is a symptom of the problem with all of the USA’s major epicenters. Where are we all moving to? It’s seems to me if we pony up the resources and consilidate our efforts, we may take back over our third world nation. Also, trending away from a global market, reining in domestic spending and returning to industry looks like a viable way, in conjoining urban renewal and revitalization to address the economic situations that plauge us currently and in the recent past.
As we are still at a time of war for some unknown reason, to this author, it would be far more destructive to hack and enter the physce of these aggressors electronicly rather than by our grandfather’s father’s means. Bombs, tanks, aircraft, guns and infantry men do not seem to weild the same shock and terror they once did and they come at quite a cost to all of civilization. Must we look at cooperation? Conflict resolves one issue, more conflict. We are poisioning ourselves out of the enviornment on so many levels. Population wise, quailty of air, water and even the food chain. Is there no end? Why not contemporize the current message we are sending. Evereyday this author scans the feeds looking for some ray of even positive discourse coming from our leaders and yet the same resounding effect is held warranted and merited. Plans and fixing. No sweeping drastic measures, no support on our end, just fix it. It seems like it will take more than eight years to resolve the same issues that have been lurking for the past 40, 60 and 100 years. Suggestions? Ideas? Comments? Were we to stray from our father’s way would we be totally lost? Or would the course, the tides of change float fresh on a skiff of hope?  After all this is the Great Lakes State.



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