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Modern American Manifesto:
A Solution to the Riddle.

Do not survive. The era has come for America to stand for something again. Perhaps we are the greatest country in the world, may be we are not. I propose that between crafty American banks, major corporations, federal government and the non-profit sector there is a solution to the riddle of . . .”How do we ‘FIX’ the American Economy.
First, fixing is a negatively charged verb. It implies that something is broken. Also, it has a reference to ‘fixing’ a situation usually in an underhanded fashion to achieve results. So, for our purposes today, we are going to speak in a positively charged lexicon or vocabulary. This is the first step.

Part I: Cooperation vs. Competition.

The moment is upon us to make a decision. We make these on a daily basis. Long have we been living under the competition model of Capitalism. Whereby, each candidate is in direct competition with another candidate for the same resource. Perhaps, this might be the next step. Should all parts cooperate we may be able to achieve better results. For example, were we to develop a branch of the government through the Department of Labor, that works with major corporations and non-profit agencies, we may be able to curb our 20% unemployment rate by utilizing long abandoned work programs from the depression era that wold help American workers not only find employment but meaningful careers. We could use the casual labor of laid off or unemployed workers to help clean up our inner cities. In return, the government might be able to open some properties up in major cities that could be used as dormitories for workers from other parts of the country. Rent could be subsidized and come out of the workers wages. Also, through this program training may be offered to re-tool the American Labor force for th demands of this global economy.
A national work party? No, no not another Union.

Part II: Industry.

The main component to labor and economy is industry. While we are out-sourcing our labor we are forgetting our industry. Now, may be the time to create an industry that replenishes itself NOT based on the laws of supply and demand. I am speaking to the culture of the United States. There is nothing to do in most metropolitan areas unless you would like to spend revenue. Perhaps, we might make American cities a ‘stock’ market of their own. Take for example New Orleans. In times past the Mardi Gras, an annual event, has brought millions to New Orleans. It has been a major source of revenue for New Orleans. What is the individual worker in the above mentioned paragraph either worked for money to help clean and maintain a city, or worked for ‘shares’ in the new market. Cultural Events could be planned all over in every city in the country. Add a 1$ tax to goods and services at the events and roll the proceeds into a managed fund to not only stimulate more events but to restructure the urban environments to better accommodate the needs of the people dwelling there through affordable hosing and safe neighborhoods. In this regard, every citizen becomes a shareholder, and everyones stake creates industry.
This not only demonstrates a viable, renewable source of income but would also drive tourism. Our cities would be markedly safer and cleaner with people trying to maintain them. A sense of honor and gratitude would replace the hopelessness of our dire economic situation. A commitment to the communities may lead to pride and well being. This would also give people the chance to use their most precious freedom in this country the, Freedom of Speech and Expression. I have no doubts were we to embrace culture of our Country which is th celebration of all culture, and provide venues in every major city that we would garner world wide attention. In short, we would “revolutionize” and define not only ourselves but our culture.

Part III: Mass Transit.

The auto industry is faltering and I am loathe to stand in Henry Ford’s shadow one minute longer than I have to; this is not our Father’s time nor our Grandfather’s time so let’s shake it up a bit here. I purpose that for $200 a month, the average terms on a newly leased vehicle minus registration and proof of insurance, that we would be able to make this nation a Mass Transit America. Thus, one would be able to travel in any form they choose, perhaps even rickshaw anytime they choose. No seriously, lets use the Department of Transportation, put some money back into the railways, and for a $200 pass get around anyway we choose. This would aid our cities and drive tourism, not to mention help our work parties and cultural events. Taxis, car-pools, trains, buses pretty much anything on wheels might get us rolling again.
It would be better for the environment and IT WOULD CREATE NEW JOBS AND REVENUE.

Part IV: Conclusion:

These are three simple ideas I have mentioned above. I would like to engage the public as a whole to disarm their paranoia and fears about socialism, communism etc. etc. And to look at what we face together as a whole, objectively. That in itself is a challenge.
NOBODY HAS ALL THE RIGHT ANSWERS. But together we can. That is the main concept here. Why do we stand blindly expecting everyone to ‘FIX’ everything? This is a democracy we all have a voice in this.