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United we Divide. . .

In Uncategorized on January 14, 2011 at 2:06 pm

I saw an interesting bit on the news today.  It appears that politicians are going to try to stand more united in the House by getting rid of the dividing line between republicans and democrats in the seating arrangement.  Perhaps this is a good thing.  Here in Detroit, the city has called upon the citizens to help clean up neighborhoods in the city.

The point is if we all came together, would not our problems be cut in half?  Detroit needs all the help it may muster.

You see should we unite, our problems would be divided in half.  This is, as I recall, the ‘United’ States of America.

When was the last time Americans really got behind something?  Tea-parties?  War? Shootings?  Why not get behind something good for once, our Urban Areas?

It’s a theory.  While we are able to revitalize our urban areas, I hazard  to guess, as we build them, a sense of community will be built along with them.

If we are working to the common end the problems that mire this society could be cut in half.

A saying: “I can’t, we can” comes to mind when I think on this matter.

Do we love ourselves, our neighbors, families, communities and the world enough to sacrifice a little of ourselves, our time to affect lasting change?

Just a thought!



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So a new calendar year.  Will it be the same as last?  I doubt it.  I feel the new year will be charged with a sense of despair.  I am not the prophet of doom here, just, it is the crunch we are all facing.

People are moving back in with their folks, there does not appear to be a decent job market anywhere, unemployment rampant, where does the list end?

Now is the time to express gratitude to our fellow creatures.  We may not have much but at least we have each other.

Each other, our most valuable resource.

Should we have family, friends and our faculties, we have much to be thankful for.



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Here the mist decrees the ever please, bring me a subject. Alas, times fought, arrogance wrought a decade of hollow promise.
Health, wealth and taboo sugar coil can’t shake that dingy downtown just yet.
Gently, the marksman pointed down range looking for the target at their disposal.
I know not of what I speak.
The vine ripened anger sits on the fruit of majesty
We can’t uproot the seeded one
Peanut recall the butters no good
And give us some Chile earthquake
Israel all over the Palestine
That health reform gonna take more, mojo and magic to scorn
Too much cool hand
But enough fire
Media boiled over on the ethics
Now we can’t get a fair trial
2012 the pole effect
What next?