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Time’s movement. . .

A mainspring driven by the heart,

Metered by the mind

Shared by the soul,

Thus, instrument, do you share?

Or are you to old to care?

Time, crucial element to all

Yet, but a moment the universe may stall,

Effort, passion all construe,

The Maker’s energy subdued,

Venture forth from within,

Call out to arms, minions of your faith

A crusade in your honor,

But a fleeting page,

The only enemy to time is love,

For love doth, eternal glow,

How many minutes may resound a heart?

How many hours shed in tearful depart?

I never want to lose or squander you,

For love and time, do

Passions to recoil, in lieu

Stripped out and tarried,

Love belays

Time may idle and stray

But a lover’s gaze stays,

Holds fast it’s boons,

With no dismay,

Flourishes with the coming dawn,

Rose and yellow glinting crimson gold

Love and honor to compose

A luxurious repose where bodies intertwine

Time melts by it’s own design,

Love, liquid in it’s mind

Pool and spatter across the time

We have together. . .







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The converse side of Sorrow is Joy;

Music is Joy

Good times, warm sentiments,

Family meals, travel glass beads shared . . .


Be music to your friend’s ears.


Yourself, others; it adds dimension to your character and gives you a perspective,

Work hard but love harder,

And best of all: Surrender to Joy

Do not suffer regret and shame at loss,

Let guilt fall off of you like rain drops,

Be steadfast in honor of all that is virtue,

Use wisdom not volume to express.

Compassion dries all tears, and warms cold feet.

Never let a minute go by when gratitude does not sustain you.

Use glee and happiness as your fulcrum

And wit be your lever.

When in doubt, trust more,

Play dance and sing, it instills innocence

Give without the expectation of receipt

Hasten,but do not be fool hardy

Deviation is nourishment for the soul

If you fail, edit

Every ray of light is your ally and every leaf a gift

Restoration is the key to habitat

Food is sunshine for the belly,

Waiting is expectation’s bill fall due,

Fear, while it doesn’t belong here is a drunken louse soused on ego and self-centeredness.


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So, in trying to do the right thing, I made several mistakes somehow.  I injured two people I love and lastly myself.  I don’t know where to begin.

Love, conjures

Love, imposes

Love, takes risks

Love, is not afraid.

I scared the first person I want to talk to in the morning and the last person I speak to before I go to bed.

I lost a good friend.

I somehow stained my honor.

I feel like the lowest piece of trash.

And for what reason?

Because I tried to be honorable.

Because I tried to be decent.

Because I tried. . .

Love has no place in a selfish heart.

Love is not to be hoarded.

Rather, Love is a tool.

For better understanding.

Like any tool used for the wrong purpose or used improperly it is bound to fail,

And then it will not complete the job.

What is Love’s job?

Love’s job is to be strong, and see past misunderstandings.

Love’s job is to be safe and unobtrusive,

Love is method with no measure.

The cadence of Love’s tempo is regulated by the unforeseen.

One word can disavow all love stands for,

One syllable may set back love to the beginning,

Where trust must be re-established.

Trust is the workbench where Love resides.

And while Love is brittle, it’s rules immutable,

It is pliable and resilient.

It’s finish is hard to taint.




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I have found love, it was hiding behind that google app and angry birds.  Then, there was damn administration, debts and ceilings. . . oh my.  Still nothing interfered with 309 1/2 during the times and trails of the nation.

The problem:

No ceremony anymore

I posted so much music everywhere and it felt good.

Knowing I might make someone happy

I feel cool again for some reason I can’t explain.

Other than. . .

Good things need not be talked about every time they happen, it kind of debases them.