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The converse side of Sorrow is Joy;

Music is Joy

Good times, warm sentiments,

Family meals, travel glass beads shared . . .


Be music to your friend’s ears.


Yourself, others; it adds dimension to your character and gives you a perspective,

Work hard but love harder,

And best of all: Surrender to Joy

Do not suffer regret and shame at loss,

Let guilt fall off of you like rain drops,

Be steadfast in honor of all that is virtue,

Use wisdom not volume to express.

Compassion dries all tears, and warms cold feet.

Never let a minute go by when gratitude does not sustain you.

Use glee and happiness as your fulcrum

And wit be your lever.

When in doubt, trust more,

Play dance and sing, it instills innocence

Give without the expectation of receipt

Hasten,but do not be fool hardy

Deviation is nourishment for the soul

If you fail, edit

Every ray of light is your ally and every leaf a gift

Restoration is the key to habitat

Food is sunshine for the belly,

Waiting is expectation’s bill fall due,

Fear, while it doesn’t belong here is a drunken louse soused on ego and self-centeredness.

  1. The calling card of debt, is a crisis of resource

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