In Uncategorized on August 18, 2011 at 6:50 am

Time’s movement. . .

A mainspring driven by the heart,

Metered by the mind

Shared by the soul,

Thus, instrument, do you share?

Or are you to old to care?

Time, crucial element to all

Yet, but a moment the universe may stall,

Effort, passion all construe,

The Maker’s energy subdued,

Venture forth from within,

Call out to arms, minions of your faith

A crusade in your honor,

But a fleeting page,

The only enemy to time is love,

For love doth, eternal glow,

How many minutes may resound a heart?

How many hours shed in tearful depart?

I never want to lose or squander you,

For love and time, do

Passions to recoil, in lieu

Stripped out and tarried,

Love belays

Time may idle and stray

But a lover’s gaze stays,

Holds fast it’s boons,

With no dismay,

Flourishes with the coming dawn,

Rose and yellow glinting crimson gold

Love and honor to compose

A luxurious repose where bodies intertwine

Time melts by it’s own design,

Love, liquid in it’s mind

Pool and spatter across the time

We have together. . .






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