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Mon Dio! (or ‘A New Breed of Soul’)

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Xavier crossed the room in the usual fashion, not paying attention to anyone.  He had been shooting stills all day of people cutting crosses and pentagrams into themselves with shaving razors.  He was laughing at the sight of the blood, just to himself.

Now was his time to enjoy the wine and merriment.  Yet, it was only to a point.  Too much pleasure and one becomes weak and soft.  By giving into bohemian rapture too too often, one becomes ‘careless.’  Careless was a word that Xavier abhorred.

Enter the bar, we’re on Xavier’s left side drinking espressos and minding our affairs, yet the room seems to be consumed by a man at the counter all in black, looking as a priest, with silver tipped boots on.  The man is drinking his second bottle of Merlot, and his coal-black eyes match his trimmed beard.

Xavier ambles up beside the man and the two stike up a discourse.  Xavier is huffing cigarette after cigarette and running his finers through his once perfect hair. . .

Enter the MAN.

Do you have the package?



I’m not sure. . . What you have asked for is too great. . .this time

Salvation is but a rope that weak men hang themselves by, Xavier.

I know father.

I’ll modify the terms of the agreement then.  You will have the soul of a virgin, absolution, redemption and not a chance in hell. . .

No, that’s not right. . .

Well you have reniged on the terms of our original agreement, listen boy, Mon Dio! I’m going to make you an Angel!

Xavier dropped the cigarette he was smoking and crushed it under his own boot heel.

He then kissed the man full on the lips and uttered.

“Via con dios!” As mockingly as possible in the Devil’s ear.

He spat on the floor and left with a flourish.

The Rapture was coming tomorrow, but only Heaven and Hell knew,

Lust, greed and foulness ran amuck the streets.

There wasn’t enough suffering too around and it looked as if  God would possibly unseat the devil from Hell and rule both worlds.  God’s wrath was stronger than that of the Devil, we all knew it; look at the floods and exiles He had instigated.  In this regard, all that was perviously unholy would now become sanctified under God’s eternal rule.  X had but one option to deliver on his promise.

X had to find the one ‘chaste’ woman and release her from her cocoon.  Purity was the unholy’s natural enemy, But they needed leverage, a bartering chip against Jesus and his minions. After all who could reign supreme over Heaven and Hell at the same time?

There wasn’t enough time to accomplish the deed. Even the Devil has to kneel before the Creator.  The Devil had the world and Hell under his control for now, but now the saints and angels of old were becoming the demons and hell-spawn of tomorrows victory, the only way forth Devil to avoid this merger and lose his power was to create a dimension in which the planet could exist, be moved and Hell could start over. . .

For once the Devil was trying to save pathetic souls in order to avoid being consumed, but he had to find the original saint. . .the perfect martyr. . .After all what was the point in existing for all of time should you serve no purpose?

The Devil had paid his half-son’s ransom to find this entity. . .if it should exist.

The Devil’s conscious was plagued by the outcome, no matter the corruption; the girl had always failed the test merely because they were daughters’ of that bitch ‘Eve.’

Vice and Poverty always found a way to root out even the most pure soul.

Oldest tricks in the book.


So. in a final desperate attempt the Devil had conceived a new planet in place of the Earth after it was destroyed, merely because it is better to reign in Hell then to serve a day in Heaven.  At this dire hour, the Devil even had to bow to God’s will again.  . .

But what of this new dimension?  This new realm?  Well the Devil realized that by removing quantative reasoning from the human form he was able to manipulate the emotional IQ of the species better, make the soul more pliable.  Rubberize the soul so to speak.  The Devil may lose the greed and envy side of the race but the souls would be more pure and abstract not having the understanding of numbers.  And he knew that God could not abide, because the Creator had framed everything soooo perfectly that to defy his numerical accuracy would not only serve as an affont to Him but also create a new breed of Soul.

But he had to find his own daughter of evil, not feed her Fruit from Tree of Knowledge and NOT compromise her Chasity, that was the allure and the thrill. By harboring the one pure soul left on the planet the devil would be able to start anew.  Then he could rewrite the rules on God, give him Hell and all the souls within, for by the descendants of the pure soul. . .they would of course believe in God, but. . . here’s the catch: they would be damned from the moment they took breath, a world without salvation, no redemption . . . because they dwell in the Devil’s realm without the understanding of Heaven’s perfection.  No concept of money or time, but the Devil would teach them how to multitply, he would erect a new type of  Hell where supernatural and humans intermingled freely, there would be no division because the Devil would regulate the experience in this dimension and all would be catered to the one base human emotion: jealousy, that anti-light. The planet was even a shade of green. The Devil’s new motto was “Love, Insurrection, Salvation and Absolutism.”  Yet, Xavier would have to deliver or the Devil would scuttle the plot and be damned himself to serve in Heaven.

Xavier called his Father.

Dad I got her . . .

The Devil laughed in his Merlot.