Plurbis Unum: One Country.

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Greetings and good day, I trust that this April 16th, 2012 finds everyone doing well.

I am composing this entry on behalf  of my fellow citizens who have given up during these times.

America represents to this author, everything that is DIVINE

As a nation, we, as American citizens are, born into a world that grants, bestows, and promotes abject liberty.

This is an important concept that we overlook far to often, given we are bound to a corrupt, confusing, and transparent monetary standard that is far outdated and antiquated.  Additionally, our greatest gift is that of expression.  We do not act on this often enough as a conduit to change.  Expression is omniscient and omnipotent.  It is a core fundamental to American culture, in as much as food is to the sustainability of  life.

I purpose, that through all of our various mediums, that we can dictate policy, and have an impact in this crucial time.  Why is it a crucial time?  As the population of the World increases, our resources become more and more finite, and our waste escalates.  In This Regard, we are in too much competition in the free market.

Next, our global climate and economy has taken it’s share of our labor market and economy.  In some instances, we have outsourced ourselves, and our needs so badly, and in many cases, and in such poor taste, that we find ourselves borrowing resources (cash) from our once bitter enemies.  This is not derogatory, contrary, or too negative, however, it is apparent that somewhere, through hasty policy, and on a deeper level, we are failing at our struggles.

I also submit, that this is evident more so on a personal level.  This is the purpose of this article.  To consider, if on a personal level, is the struggle of America not our own?  Yet, time and again, I see the tormented outcries across various mediums that the Government it to blame.  Perhaps, civic duty would serve here.  I implore the reader to just consider that while we struggle alone, should we cooperate together to share and express not only how, what, where, when, why, often because; but the way in which we can improve not only ourselves, our Nation, our lives, but overall the experiences and the culture that is America.  Often, misleading enough, I have heard that America has no culture.  It is a widely populated theory and a totally false, and somewhat objectionable.  I import to you that America is ALL culture, and to preserve this culture it’s an obligation to promote, defend, and define that culture.  Therefore, in conclusion, in helping to define the American experience, I contend that the reader will not only get a better insight on who they are, but what direction they are heading.

If you stand for nothing, then no one will stand behind you.

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