The Cardinal Nomads: 05-11-12

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You, go, went- distilled.  Sitting in the chair, I felt the needle’s pulse and focused in on the bar scene across the street.  It was like an hour and half off of thinking, just the feeling of the needle in my flesh.  I zoned out and the next thing I knew there was a fresh tattoo on my arm.  We stumbled out into the quarter, my wife and I.

The journey inward can be as exotic as going any place in the world.  Sometimes, even more so.  We come out of the trance and are summoned in different directions.  Incomplete thoughts and ideas come into focus and a clear remediation of events occurs.

Cosmic decay, ruination on Decatur and banishment to room 412. . .calling to mind ever noise and hypnosis.

The sanctified woebegone insurrection lie in the steeple warden’s pipe as the vicar’s prayers unseen by most plague innocent morsels on the dandies request.  Where did Charles get off to?  A thousand liquored runs wasn’t good enough in the vein of blood and petcock freezing on the farm born Triumph.  I pushed and pushed but it wouldn’t start by itself.  It needed more gas more air to pick up those hitch hikers along the way.

New Orleans, Detroit, wherever  the road may lead a font is cast but the import is the same.

Now, as to that dare.   You told me if I could conjure the muster the world that you would watch it for me.  Now there it is on my coffee table, go and get it.



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