The Cardinal Nomads: 05-11-12

In Uncategorized on May 11, 2012 at 12:53 pm


Lime sanctions, interest accrues make it one more night, caffeine tears dribbling the glass onto my pants.  Ray sun, looking through plate glass as pulp is fed to the masses. Savory errands crumbs stuck in the lens of a horoscope. Slamming as West Bloomfield’s finest cannot stand to hear the reverberation of a trampled of 4/4.  You suck, morning paper!  Can’t seem to get by without someone causing a tremble.  Sorry to sully your morning with a little tap, you fat jerk.  Head so big I want to forget you.
    Groove the jam a tortured scribe testifies to a nipple quake you quack.  Shuffle yourself out the door if you can’t handle the noise of timber.  Shiny boot causing trouble again.  Just for the moment.  Do we dare to dream? Just for a minute out of our confirmed luxury?  Decent expose a smelly aftershave why am I here?  Break away get something out in the open.  Balding ding bat and grumpy old men over coffee never set us free broken glass shedding formulation distant brick.  You can’t get up and out. Later suck punch drunk hip ply narrow is done. Bone serum pitch germ sugar break bleak moan gum saddened rest dream study contempt for fellow shop hoods.  Let your staring do the talking. Isolation.  Wooden marketing more cunning than Columbus.  Merciful nectar foil a tribe with beads and disease.  Cats dance shade when weight gyrates a mute dense.  Baking free dude, away with . . ..  
“Quiver and shiver blustery arch.  Wavering approval echoes across a lake canoe.  Keep playing you dick!  Maybe if you got laid once in awhile the stick would come out of your ass.  Think you own the world you false prophet.  Island roasted meat and pineapple sage banjo got a last kind word.  Shed of tools, lined up showered and ready for a tawdry day you suckers!  Have you gone to search in vain for something you cannot stand?  Depart go through the field Hie thee Ho!  Flounder and scream dimpled reflection of a suffering bastard. Make it hard on the other side jeopardy rebel.”

Hype were the west yet read for the future an assumption provoked gut rot quest. Mine rolled cherry topped tolerance. Shake it. Red fellow can’t baby pink your way out of this one.  Mortified holy greek-fire a violent end the harsh labor of oppression as much work conducted in the infancy of out-day bid gone a went flower street carriage of don’t and yes break verb before a crash hold out a little longer next time to drive the betting up. Scant fleece. I have to go now my love a blister has formed on my mind as I reap a lot of don’t fit in.
    If we endure more saturation no one will be able to ring us out, candy land my apprentice.  Grey horseshoe cock bring down, quit staring at me wrinkle bag.  I want to leave but don’t want to give up my seat. Bile Mongers!!!
    Suck it hard, fast, dirty and cheap shit infantry!!  You put in your 60 and a heart attack will claim you; no matter what type of Lexus you drive.  Fuck your zip code.  Personally, I like my cancer the old fashion way, I smoke it.  Light house storm shaven clean fatter and fatter. Calves check it out.  Roller coaster vibe. Go home now shallow hollow.  365 dip shit.  Dimpled conversation run amuck.  Dappled over bargain of astute mid eastern men. Getting walled in.


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