Semper Gratis

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Semper Gratis


This Memorial Day 2012, as the grills are fired up, Pabst flows as the last Union made beer, all we in the US here, hold dear- family.  Another year, no martial law(s), no massacres, I haven’t been awakened by tanks and gunfire rolling as some unholy thunder through our streets and country.  Also, I can’t remember being told, I can’t by any one either, or you must not.  For this I am eternally grateful.  It gives me much prospective on how America conducts itself.  We are not a classless, culture-less, slack, bloodthirsty, Imperialistic, entity set on world domination.  And as we are setting to our backyards- many today, abroad, are not  having the Pabst and Hambugers.  Instead of the dude next door firing up the Harley, they’re firing up the HumVees to go on patrol.  Their the ones that enforce and make our policies real, and a few sentences ago, I illustrated why it’s important to cherish them.  Additionally, ourselves, for if you really take a minute, all the trouble liberty and freedom cost much- and we pay little in return.  We pay little attention, we stumble over the material of this America, we get bogged down and outraged by the abusers but do we have this problem:

We also have little gratitude about anything in regards to the country, just what is the matter with it.  The Truth is, we have to Surrender, in the vein of Civil Disobedience, using the 1st Amendment and the media(s) afforded to us.

Surrender implies acceptance of a given situation.  No the problems affecting the country aren’t going away for some time.

Truth implies honesty.  We have to get honest with ourselves as a culture, society, and nation.  I think we lie to ourselves on a daily basis, being mislead by the general media outlets, we are not able to make good informed, opinions.  Therefore the Government, enables this denial and outrage and continues to play below the radar, trading off whatever it takes to keep the ‘status quo.’

Civil Disobedience implies a method of expression, working loosely against the parameters of convention, and order.  Other than the curious, messy, unstructured ‘Occupy’ movements, I can’t say that anyone has organized anything with merit.  The last real organization was done and made by the Teamsters, during the Clinton administration to Protest the unfair gas prices ( ).  Know what it worked and no one was killed.  THAT is an effective bit of Civil Disobedience.  Why can’t we fix much of these problems on our own- through assembly and expression RIGHTS WE STILL HAVE!!

Lastly, I am willing to fight and die for my country.  Have been since 18 years old.  Because of US servicemen and women, I have my choice of fronts, I may also choose my armies, my enemies, my weapons, why?  Because I AM AMERICAN.  All of this is metaphor.  The war, is against loss of NATION and FREEDOMS.

This Memorial Day, believe in America, Our fellow Countrymen serving, and Most Important the Very POWER of your own EXPRESSION.  ONE enemy- GREED

I’ll tell you what- the Pabst will taste that much sweeter. Cheers- Franklin


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