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The Cardinal Nomads: 05-31-2012

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Holding yourself hostage rocking to and fro, I tell you it’s the same no matter where you go, the medicine runs it’s course and of course there’s never enough anyone can do. Up against the clock me and you, I have to work in the morning, but can’t get through. I suffering as badly as you. And while I can’t tell you exactly as I see it done, you have to find your own remedy but the clock will tell. Hit the ground running but the wall came up to fast and not enough time was given but here you are at last. Your freedom swings in the balance and it’s anybody’s game as it’s a crap shoot whether or not it’s going to be the same. I need you here and not flushed away, addictions a bitch. I can’t remove it or take it away, it’s not my place even on this hallowed day, I can’t diminish or rescind any partnership between the drug and your kin. All I may do is on the sidelines await for your hero’s boons yet untold fold a cursor key. All my bent and muster, pluck I share, all in this crappy knapsack, I hold dear. I bite your kiss, on a breath wait. I just pray it’s not too late. I’ve summoned your angels, we’re all by your side as you sweat and convulse, no need for pride, I’ll stick by your side your errands attend, until your soul mind and body do mend. I’ll not amend nor abate my vows as I love you plural as no man nor beast could. Eternally by your side and haunt your day, even for a minute, I shall not stray. As your sherpa, I’m entrusted with your essence and now up the mountain, the heroin storm sets in. I can’t co-sign your descent anymore, I’ll keep you from plunging as much as you may, I’ll see the morning, 24 in a day. the first one is the hardest, then next a matter of choice, You symbolize the best you are and I promise I’ll carry you far. Don’t give up turncoats or jump ships. Everyday a rainmaker will make rain, and a jumper will jump, you just have to believe, now and forever in thee. . .J’Taime