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The Ultimatum. . .

In Uncategorized on June 17, 2014 at 11:28 pm

I am not a dollar sign, I am not aligned, nor am I subject. If by some marvel this finds you, good day.  I refuse to dole in dour, dire spaces, forthwith!  I challenge, without hostility, the mass, the pit, the gall of humankind to free thinking- currently being considered a mental illness in some circles.  The art of thinking, free or not, has been lost instead we let Google or Siri sort out our shortcomings.  I surrender to the fact that intellectualism is somewhat lost, but for the purpose of this model, I shall refrain. . ..  I refuse to lose liberty, freedom and valor over the cost of gas, or my mind in the pursuit of it!  We’re losing- point blank.  Our cities are trashed, morale is low, grief is high and the bill collectors will barely stay at bay.  Why are we losing?  We forgot how to count that’s why.  What is the fundamental right we are given in this country that we fritter away on Facebook- expression, number 1.  So, starting with one what else are you willing to give up in the tussle?

I am not just a number, I count today and it’s not because of the things I buy, or the image I portray, but it is because I represent America, in whatever capacity I may, and I choose expression.  Today, I believe.  What or how is of little importance because if you don’t believe then your mind is closed and you can’t graft a new idea onto a closed mind.  Ideas, thoughts, action- think, act, react.  The choice is yours- choice- decision again- action.  Many are calling for action, action from the government, action from others to cease the pain.  Pain- a word I choose to use sparingly.

I give up feeling sorry for myself in spite of myself, I rescind the great ‘plan’ I have or had, I refuse to act out of pain and fear anymore than is necessary.  Instead I will boldly face each day, not with determination, bent, or resolve, but with gratitude, thankfulness, and humility.  Expression takes on all forms- I choose to express my love to those closest to me, I choose to express appreciation for the life I live, and I am thankful for those who stand with me.

All I can ask for myself is that I remain believable, in a state of belief- believing.