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Background into the foreground.

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How much information is too much? I recently went through a background check and it took almost two weeks to complete. I can understand the nature of why, but how and what is the scary part. It seems to me that we need only look at the past 5-7 years, and that many of these checks are an intrusion into our privacy. Further, I contend that even the most rigorous check won’t reveal the true character or intent of the checked. In this, the land of information and surveillance, it’s hard for me to comprehend why it took so long for the results to be in? At any rate, the screen went well and all is good. Yet, I wonder if these checks are somewhat unconstitutional and unnecessary, outdated, and a mere matter of protocol, of inefficient and lacking entities???


In Defense of the Sportster, 1200 cc’s of Luxury.

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The first one I had, was a 1974, Harley Davidson, 1000 cc, Model XLCH- Sportster.  It was a total basket case, and probably still is to this day, I sold it to a friend- he passed away, shorty after getting it road worthy again.  Today, I enjoy the luxury of a 1998, 1200 cc XLH- Evolution, Sportster with only 19,000 miles on the odometer.  In the culture of Harley-Davidson, a Sportster model XLH or XLCH is only considered “Half a Harley,” “The Old Ladies Bike,” or “Just a Sporty.”  I beg to differ.  The origin of the XLCH is and was Harley’s only racing motorcycle.  It has true heart and soul.  It is nimble through the gears and handles well, it is responsive and quick- for a cruiser!  I like sport touring motorcycles and the Spostster fits the bill.  On the drag way or on that long road, the Harley Davidson Sportster model is the only one for me!