Elect to Abstain. . .

In Uncategorized on May 4, 2015 at 1:16 pm

Greetings.  In the throes of this America we find ourselves in currently, I elect to abstain from voting, regardless of the shape of the monster, politics is still a monster.  There is no “better” candidate, there is no one leader that is able to cure the “ills” of a failed system of governing.  Whereby, I choose to abstain, I also choose autonomy.  How I interact, and choose to relate to others and function in society is of key importance to me.

Until we are unwilling to adjust our world view to a more contemporary framework, we are doomed.  Doomed to be at the mercy of the government and the policy it hands down, doomed to feel ashamed of our country and world, doomed to play an unwilling role in our society.  Why?  Because we choose to endorse and approve the “status quo” through our tax dollars and voting rights.

Your voice goes unheard except in tirades over the internet.  Why not use that freedom of expression for something other than fault-finding and bemoaning affairs?  Why not create positive change?  Stand for something not image based or manipulated by greed and power.

The real picture is that of the ecosystem without it we are lost.  It should be at the forefront of our endeavors, yet it trails almost last.  There is a market here for the economy to improve and for America to take the helm again as a first class nation.  First, re-invest in our cities.  Our urban infrastructure is so far run down that it is inhabitable.  In restoring our major epicenters, we are able to build a sense of community- something that has been lost to a certain degree from the attacks of 09-11-2001.  Turn foreclosures and vacant buildings into low income housing, and safe neighborhoods.  make each citizen a “shareholder” in the transformation.  We all have something to lose why don’t we build something that lasts together?  Our model is based on competition for resources, rather than cooperation for what matters.  In reinventing our cities, we are able to curb sprawl, cut down on an overtaxed, outdated, system of mass transit.  Replace the ACA (Affordable Care Act) with a JOBS division of government that draws from the same laws that were enacted during the Great Depression.  Set up public housing in every major city so that unemployed, eligible candidates can test the job market for a fraction of their pay.  Rebuild and reinvent.

Stop looking outside of the US and declare war on poverty and homelessness here at home.  Foreign concerns are just that foreign.  Think green, act clean.  Clean up our cities and mass transit, and the environment is sure to improve.  Utilize local action and resources rather than China made goods.  I suggest we stop relying on technology to clean up our messes and take accountability for our actions as responsible adults.  I also propose that we endeavor to cultivate the culture here in America and stop living in a paranoid world of terror threats and NSA spying.

There is going to be change but it may not be the kind we want, change is the only constant.  2024, the world’s population doubles from 6-7 billion to 12-14 billion.  at that point we have reached critical mass.  This means we are unable to process the waste that 12 billion people create.  That is a major problem, as we will not have the resources available for people to eat and live in a manner that we have enjoyed for a good number of years.

Rather than looking for a political party or one person to change the current system, I would suggest that we abstain to change.  Abstain from the vote and instead focus on the importance of country.  The machine will do as it pleases but it does not rule thought or expression.  I choose to use my voice to wail the importance of reduce, improve, and cultivate.

Reduce the impact on the environment, improve the quality of life, and cultivate the culture.


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