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The Curious Case of JW’s Estate. . .

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Section I:

“Beware the IDES of March”

JW died on 3-10.  He was 71 years old.  He was survived by his immediate family, His mother, Mary, Sons: Don, Brent, and , Bridget his domestic partner for the past 23 years.

These people were thrust into the fulcrum of a horrible machine of (JW’s design) that threatened to consume them from beyond the grave.  He left no estate planning documents whatsoever, save for a “Mad-Lib” style, fill-in-the-blank will that was unsigned, not witnessed, and not notarized.  Therefore it wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on in the eyes of the law.  A second estate planning document- signed and witnessed was found, but not notarized, it was a holographic will from ’03 and did not reflect his current frame of mind or testamentary wishes.

The property, the chattel, the accessories were all spoken for from various creditors, and all the tiny family had was each other.  The main issue at the bar, so to speak, was the care of the elderly mother, and the best way to dispose of the wretched estate that was so far behind in payments that foreclosure was assured on JW’s last breath.

JW was a proud man, and had a big ego.  The family was in utter shock to find that he was so consumed with himself he failed to carry out the necessary arrangements to have his affairs conducted in a dignified, calculated, and respectable manner.  Everyday  more lies, more hidden facts, more deceit, more sabotage was excavated from the digs into the ruined estate of excess.  The family couldn’t even mourn!

The piles upon piles, the layers upon layers- the sheer “more” of the situation could not be comprehended.  A talented play write on his best day could not draft a more seething, scathing, scorching, soulless litany. The man was totally devoid of any notion of love for those around him, as evidenced by his lack of concern for their well being and safety after he left the planet.

As Brent and Bridget searched for the estate documents, Brent found his sex toys first with photos of women who were not Bridget around their mutual homestead.  Brent had to jimmy a lock box with a pry bar and hammer.  Next, JW transferred none of the accounts into Bridget’s name as he had promised.  Then, he had Mary’s home tied into the estate with a mortgage.  Talk about a true Oedipus complex!

The entire Human Condition from birth to death was played out in less than 5 days of unimaginable suffering and torment.  The “buzzards” swooped in with regal wings, and took the sweetest carrion from the rubble.  Don, the elder bother, was graced with three firearms, a telescope, a painting and a few books.  Brent got a blue ship’s lamp, and a watch that he gave to JW for a present that the man never wore.  To Bridget, you ask?  He erased her heart and soul as if it were a failing hard drive., with just about as much emotion.

There were cars and boats, and stocks, and cash, and, and, and. . ..

It amounted to nothing but sheer ignorance, spite, and damnation.

Section II to follow. . .