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The Penance Hole

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Penance Hole
We all enter life much the same- by accident. Our spirits are out surfing in the ether, enjoying the our neutral disposition in the universe, when we are summoned from the depths of the penance hole. It’s a place between dream, and death, life, and wake.
“Well, we’ve decided there’s nothing more to do, so we’re putting in the order for hospice.” The doctor at Sarasota Memorial told my brother and I. It appeared that the end was near for Gina, our 97 year old Grandmother. She’s the one that told me and Dylan (my older brother)about the “Penance Hole.”
I’m Clint, 42, he’s Dylan, 49- then there’s my wife, and her family. We don’t talk too much about Dylan’s wife, she’s in Michigan and that’s about all you need to know there.

The odd thing is we never remember the penance hole or surfing in the ether, were brought to, or decide to come back here, every time from, one source. We shuffle about taking turns at the helm of the universe, we have our good and bad times, then we come to the Earth. One can see the penance hole from dreams or near death, we visit, and visit often. The thin veil isn’t always that thin and we have trouble believing half of what we see.
Sometimes it’s art or fantasy, other times it’s a long drive in the car. Yet, we clash into each other fighting over every dollar as if it were the only value in the world. Gold, Land, Pussy- J. Maylin. Human Fucking Greed. Yet, I digress.
For myself, Dylan, and Gina- the penance hole, or was it “whole”…? They were the last of the Demitris. Clint and Dylan had chosen not to carry on the legacy, at least for the time being. Pap, passed in March of 2016, and it was now May of the same year. So, the Demitri brothers muddled around their sadness, staring at each other, as if: “what is there left to do?”
There was much- the probate of Pap’s sickly estate, the care of Gina. Dylan had to return to Michigan carry his load there, while Clint and his wife had to pull the cart in FL.

Life, Death, one source. There was a song by The Semisonics, “Closing Time.” The lyrics “…Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end…” struck Clint.

Here, in reality, we think live good, and goodness shall happen to you. We live where we work hard to raise a dollar just to give it away, we live to promote, and endure. Often, we do not care, severally, we care too much. We cannot consume the riches of our “world” fast enough never knowing the equation must be satisfied at some time. The penance hole equation. Remaining in a state of neutral, stay in the ether. Stay in one place. We seek why and how, we know nothing of our where and what. Be still was taught to me by a shaman that didn’t know she was a shaman! Yeah, that remaining teachable stuff, that never ending humility. That place of wonder, and wander.
The spirit of man isn’t corrupt. The spirit becomes corrupted, through the first lie- that we die. Yes, the shell may quit, the husk, may remain here- adding to the juggernaut. The spirit remains neutral in the equation fulfilling the grand design- the outline in the ether. We choose to leave and come back- as what and why we never know, it’s a subtle form of of reincarnation. There are no penalties- just more to learn and experience.
Each time we leave the penance hole we want out on our volition, then we are escorted here, for no other reason then we try to improve. Isn’t that the point? We, me, you, the unborn- all striving for the same why and how? It becomes pointless and therein lie the point. Pointlessness, is stationary, it’s neutral. We all say the same things feel the same emotions, go through the entire “cycle” exactly the same, what’s the difference? The timing of it all. There are three notes that compose the entire shebang. The three notes are played each day, each minute, each hour- by a different entity be it God or spirit or whatever. They are broadcast through the universe and you can either tune in or strife. Constant cosmic harmonic reverberation…