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The Curious Case of JW’s Estate. . .

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Section II:

. . .Bridgette, the domestic partner, cut bait and ran.  Brent, and his wife Sue, were left to pick up the remaining pieces of the estate.  Don had to return to the Midwest, and poor Mary- the mother, had broken her hip just a week after her son’s death.  She was recuperating from surgery, however, she would never return to her home.

Brent could not administer his late father’s estate- the state would not recognize him due to his criminal background.  So, Sue had to boldly come forward as the Personal Representative of the struggling estate.

In the midst of taking care of Mary, and selling the remaining property of JW’s, Brent and Sue tired their best not to be consumed by sadness and pity.

The cars were sold first, a boat, a landscaping trailer followed.  The primary residence had to be cleaned out by a crew of six- it took four days.  Everything was taking shape in the void.  That is, until Mary had a few down-turns in the early summer of 2016.

Mary was in her late 90s, and had she had a bout of congestive heart failure, which led to a debilitating stroke.  She passed on 7-15 from her injuries, the family was stricken.

All we have for certain is the moment.  All we have is now.  We can lay store by goods material possessions, but in the end they possess us.