The Passing Shadow…

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The passing shadow, can only be seen through the veil,

For the days expire, like kindling to a match,

Sulfuric haze, mirrored glaze, and scratch,

Mortal, crude, nail,

The skeletons of this year falling to and fro,

Like enamored leaves descent-

Twilight never looked so appealing, repent,

In the blood, in the snow,

Frigid hands can only hold on so long,

Their obscene grasp, beyond the shadow,

Forlorn years weep bitter, low,

And she may call to me, a song,

Guide the veil over me,

Lay me down, rest,

One may, one attest,

For the day has been spared for thee,

Ship in excess distress,

This World wrought,

Tungsten gallows sought,

Death’s veil, caress,

The friends, the foes- equal stance,

Belay the torture,

End in forfeiture,

She, pagan queen shall dance,

And no one counseled the fates before the last,

Before the steam rendered eyes mute,

And the shiftless bard, called the dirge from his lute,

The scream of soul, has been a few months past,

There in the bed I witnessed,

The escape, the release,

Your everlasting peace,

None, the fittest,

And were we scuttled,

Coleridge and his Mariner,

I, the albatross,

The beacon- a glimmer from behind the veil,

Cast amongst the shadows,

And, here the story takes a turn,

For the chattel to be survived by the law,

Turned to the heirs,

From cinder, to green,

And all in between,

Miles wrought from family, and birth,

The story…

Were the maiden suffering would you attend her, shawl in hand?

The epic recourse would be to the end,

Defend the darning night, knitted in the canvas of specter,

Shoal and bar conspire against the tide wrecked hulk, now prone,

Conjoined in despair,

This pair, a mortal question…

Shall we?

Fire never knows,

And blunt instruments suffice,

To wrest the veil from the tomb,

Caught by forgiving womb,

Cast the bones, let the Autumn sun figure it out,

The shadows long this time of year,

The sickle cannot steer,

Reap, reap- at what cost?


Coin toss,

All the coin and privileged,

Came into the fulcrum of crutch,

And now, in the ream, the whole play unfolds,

Where the human condition was spat out,

Over fine dinners, and sarcastic conversation,

Let out your bile, as a sail furls into the wind,

No one cares, alone this road, craggy in the steep wind,

Can’t see the lodging from tree,

No Diogenes…

The truth withered under the weight of plural,

So much deception, without truth’s courtesy,

Cannot bide the veil, nor stave the shadow’s grasp,

The highest mount will succumb to the river below,

As rifts undone will spoil the show,

Harbor held fast,

The storm consumed,

One ship pitched and rolled before the tide,

The maidens ribbons held fast through the gale,

While the mighty assailed,

The weak played in their tears looking for a solstice,

And I?

I remain aloof, and yet… frightened.

Outcomes and soil-

Outcomes and soil,

Erase the veil?

Summon the shadow so soon?

Curt could never hold a candle, instead spilling the wax all over longevity’s robe…

The stellar coincidence contrived to make the maiden bleak and well it may,

For the fire cannot consume what does not feed,

And feed it does,

As mist and smoke evade the subtle bend of neck- just for 30 odd,

And all the undone creeps up in the night like a 67 white Lincoln idling placidly in a garage somewhere in a sub division,

Those nights of hell,

Those fox-hole prayers,

All amount to the sum,

The equation must be satisfied,

There, he stood stern and fore-lorn,

A lesson away from the truth,

Now he rots upon her grave- craving the shadow, as his remains rebuke the testament of light,

Light drives the shadow, the veil is the shadow’s friend, together they obscure,

The vision, truth-

We slaughtered a hart in the name of noble to continue in blood

The rant rolled into morning and made no more headway than cursory explanation,

For rot and root, use the same tools,

And seed and spurn carry the same footprint,

A deed not sought, is industry wasted,

Wasted industry…

For cottages and homes, and heart are carried away

Eyes lose sight and hearing, dim,

Love, the end of excitement,

Love, the end of alright,

Love, the end of OK

Love delight…

For year hairy diligence sought,

While meticulous records kept, resolute betrayal,

It ends quickly- soon

Before it’s begun, when it’s due

Nothing is the all of something,

While pretense worked hard at getting you there,

Ego’s shallow veil could not be pulled down low enough,

To cover your embarrassment,


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